How to Write a Good Essay


How to Write a Good essay

One does not simply sit down and start writing a good essay. Instead, a lot of work is done before the writing process commences and the final product is completed. This article will focus on the information that is used to write a good article, before the process of writing actually starts.

Planning and Research

If you are assigned a topic to write an essay on, you should start by combing through your thoughts on the topic. Try to understand how you feel on it and jot down some of these initial thoughts. Keep in mind that this just the start of the writing process. Then, once you have ruminated on the essay topic, begin to research and plan out the topic of the article you are writing about. Read a wide range of views and copy down the key points they are making. If relevant, read their source material and begin to become an expert on the essay topic itself. Continue to refine your thoughts on the topic and develop a plan for the kind of essay you want to write.

Develop an Outline and Start Writing

A good article starts with a detailed outline that allows you to focus your thoughts and the flow of the essay. Identify how you will begin the essay, the key points that you want to make, and the conclusion or culmination of the essay. From this outline, start filling in the thoughts that you want to capture and the points you want to focus on.

Review the Essay

A first draft is just a start to your essay. It will need further refinement and focus as you go and read through your essay and adjust it as you go on. The initial draft should have the spelling and grammar mistakes removed but should also focus on improving the flow of the article you are drafting. Read the essay again and feel confident about the article you completed. Click on essay typer for more details.


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